Matt Main

Owner, Main Inspections

LICENSE #20123246

  • Licensed and Insured Home Inspector

  • Dog and Cat Dad

  • Lover of Tools and Homes
  • Avid Motorcycle Rider
  • Loves Anything Outdoors


Matt is the owner and operator of Main Inspections LLC. Having lived in Tacoma for over 10 years, he proudly calls Tacoma home. Prior to moving to Tacoma in 2012 he lived most of his life in a small rural community in Michigan. Growing up in a small community shaped the way that he wanted to do business. When launching Main Inspections he built the foundation of the company on the concept that hard work matters, your word matters, and how you interact with your clients and community matter. Matt actively encourages his clients to not only attend their inspections, but to be an active participant in the process.

My Name Is: Matthew Main

I Am: A small business owner trying to spend as much time outside as possible.

Born In: New Mexico! My mother served in the US Airforce, which is why we are proud to support our service members.

Proudest Moment: That’s a tough one…I have had a lot to be proud of and thankful for, but my proudest moments change regularly. Building a successful business that is able help others is currently the top of the list.

Why Do You Inspect Homes: I love helping people and I love figuring out problems. What better way to do that than inspecting homes?

My Superhero Power: Inspecting homes of course! It’s also somewhat of a curse. I can’t go anywhere without noticing things that are wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s a home, business, or random building. It’s a struggle to stop inspecting, even when I am with friends and family in their homes.

My Perfect Day: Spending a day outside with the pup, preferably at the lake or somewhere in the mountains.

Favorite Place in Washington: I have a secret camping spot in the Cascades that we go to regularly with friends and family.

What Is Your Favorite Travel Destination: Having lived a short time in Hawaii, the islands will always be a special place, but I recently spent sometime in Sedona and the views absolutely blew me away.

Favorite Sports Team: I’ll cheer for any team from Michigan, but the Wolverines and Lions are easily my favorite two teams to cheer for.

Favorite Hobbies: Anything outdoors. Swimming, snowboarding, camping, bonfires, you name it…if it’s something outside, I’m there!

Do You Have Any Pets: Absolutely! I have two rescues, an adorable pup and my travel buddy/sidekick Lucky, and an ageless Viking cat Needler (I swear she has been 15 for at least three years now)